What is Ecopsychology? See Overview of Ecopsychology by John Davis

NEW! EcopsychologyUK  Website for

  • Ecopsychology practitioners offering lectures, workshops, ecopsychology consultancy for organisations and business,  individual and group ecotherapy. 
  • Events; resources; local and virtual networking.

To add to the links page on the above website, here are a few more people and organisations that  have inspired me:

Joanna Macy introduces The Great Turning and The Work That Reconnects.

John Seed at the Rainforest Information Centre brings a wealth of info on activism informed by Deep Ecology, Ecopsychology, ideas for practice and more.

International Society of Ecology and Culture. Founded by Helena Norberg-Hodge, author of Ancient Futures.

Environmental Arts Therapy

The Green Fuse Info on environmental philosophy– clear briefings on key topics deep ecology, social ecology, eco-feminism, earth-centered spirituality, ecopsychology, a glossary and a resource section.

The Transition Movement  and Culture encourages sustainable communities and provides advice on how to achieve them. See the Heart and Soul sections for a psychological take on change.

Newsletters:  Great Turning Times  See resources in ‘links’ section. See also Chris Johnstone.                    

USA Ecotherapy newsletter by Linda Buzzell. Pre summer 2009 here: Ecotherapy Newsletter

Wilderness practice and rites of passage work: Animas Valley Institute and School of Lost Borders 

 Nature-Therapy Center, Israel. Founded by Ronan Berger whose writings are available here.

Jungian analysts whose writings inform ecopsychology:

  • Jules Cashford author of ‘The Moon: Myth and Image’ and co- author of ‘Myth of the Goddess’.
  • Anne Baring ’s website is packed with writings.
  • Jerome Bernstein author of ‘Living in the Borderland’. Website includes blog for borderlanders.

Celtic and Anglo Saxon Spirituality website of Brian Bates, author of “The Way of Wyrd”.